For the Fox and the Rabbit I used natural motivated light. Coming from windows, often with the source in frame. A natural feel, but with beauty and character.

Nursing Home 
We lit this location with a 6KW HMI Par. This we used to lift the natural light. Giving us the feeling that the lighting is coming from the outside world. Somewhere the father can no longer visit easily.

Nursing Home corridor
In the end I went with daylight only in the scene between Francis and Joy. It looked so beautiful as it was, so I didn’t want to mess with it.
In the shot where Francis walks down the corridor, to enter the scene. I used a small HMI to bounce on the back wall at the end of the corridor. This gave us a really strong silhouette and mystery to his entrance.

The Tailors
Location Poole and Son was the most challenging of the short. Big windows, daylight interior and only 8 hours of daylight. The solution was to bounce a 6KW HMI Par outside the front window and a 12×12 diffusion screen inside. This gave a natural feel and mood. I also prefer very soft light. But that’s not flat, that is the trick.


Francis’s Family Home
This location I handled differently. It is flash backs to Francis’s youth. We used harder and warmer light. A feeling of nostalgia. A HMI was outside our window. But this time with very little diffusion. To give us a warm end of summer feel.