“An incredibly atmospheric film with a fabulously twisted and malevolent central character”

Anne Mensah, Head of Drama, SKY


“A really interesting get under your skin film. Great concept, great script. Really great performances and beautifully directed. A real haunting gem.”

John Whiston, Head of ITV, North


“It’s terrific! Beautifully written, shot and edited. The score, too, was pitched perfectly. Just hope it wasn’t based on personal experience”

Mike Hodges, director, “Get Carter”, “Flash Gordon” & “Croupier”


“Sinister and unsettling, with excellent performances from Oliver Walker and David Westhead … a clever Dahl-esque twist that I didn’t see coming! I also liked the strong lighting in the nursing home scenes and eerie musical score, which contributed to the sense of unease pervading the film”

David Thompson, Origin Pictures, Former Head of BBC Films